Health Canada, Consumer Product Safety Program (Exhibitor)

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About Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Program

Health Canada’s mandate is to help protect the health and safety of Canadians. In particular, the Consumer Product Safety Program’s mandate is to protect Canadians from unreasonable risks or hazards related to the use of consumer products and cosmetics. CPSP is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and its associated regulations, and the Food and Drugs Act and the Cosmetics Regulations.  

Consumer Product Safety’s activities include:

  • Promoting safety and responsible use of products
  • Testing and conducting research on consumer products and cosmetics
  • Supporting the development of standards, guidelines and legislation
  • Publishing product advisories, warnings and recalls and informing the public of hazards
  • Enforcing the legislation by conducting inspections, investigations, seizures, and prosecution
  • Providing industry with information on the legislation and hazards
  • Encouraging consumers to report safety related issues with a consumer product or cosmetic to Health Canada and the Consumer Product Safety Program

Any questions or concerns ? Contact the Consumer Product Safety Program at: 1-866-662-0666 or via email at:

Contact: Nadia Sas
Product Safety Officer

Contact: Stephanie Mann
Product Safety Officer