Northern Inter-tribal Health Authority (Exhibitor)

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About Northern Inter-tribal Health Authority

Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority (NITHA), is the only First Nation organization of its’ kind in the country. The organization is comprised of Prince Albert Grand Council, Meadow Lake Tribal Council, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, and Lac La Rong Indian Band each having extensive experience in health service delivery in their respective communities. The Partners formally joined together in 1998 to create NITHA to provide a service known as “Third Level”.

NITHA serves 33 First Nations communities with a population of 55,000 (and growing).

Third Level services are provided by NITHA to the Northern Multi-Community Bands and Tribal Councils. These services are delivered directly to Second Level Partners and include disease surveillance, communicable disease control, health status monitoring, epidemiology, specialized program support, advisory services, research planning, education, training, and technical support.

Please visit our website at for an in-depth organization profile. You may also visit our Facebook page at Facebook @ Nitha Saskatchewan.

Contact: Melvina Aubichon, B. Comm, Human Resources Advisor