Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism (Exhibitor)

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About Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism

SSM (Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism) is a provincial organization that partners with other organizations to address issues and to promote quality of life for all older adults in Saskatchewan.

SSM has 18 Member Organizations, 7 Supporter Organizations and a Partnership with Municipalities of Saskatchewan.  Our Member Organizations have a collective membership of approximately 100,000.

Currently SSM is focused on advocacy that will enable people to age in place in their own homes if affordable medical and practical services are available to them.  Talk to us to find out more about our Home Supports Initiative.

SSM has one-time funding of $200,000.00 available in 2023 to fund grants to groups that provide services to older adults.  The funding is to develop/pilot new approaches for providing supportive services to seniors that would enable them to remain in their own homes.  Check out the SSM website for information relating to Facilitating Independence for more information, and an application form.  Applications must be in by Nov. 25, 2022.

Contact: Linda Restau